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The RASHA is the world’s only eternal-life, Base-12, consciousness-coherence, brain optimization, chakra clearing/harmonization, psycho-emotional transmutation, & relaxation technology. 

The RASHA is a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced base-12 frequency collection that protects, enhances and harmonizes the

autonomic nervous system by relieving stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns, supporting relaxation, cellular detoxification and healing from electro-smog and geopathic stress.

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Eternal SOGAs

The principle of “SO-GA” combines the utilization of Base-12, eternal-life Source Frequencies with specific breathing –  directional flow awareness within the physical body-vehicle, coupled with anatomical stretching-targeted stimulation which,  together, facilitates accelerated dissolution, and progressive transmutation of “past”, current and future miasmic and finte Dead-light Crystals, in key anatomical areas (e.g. tail-bone area, housing 1st Cell, Morphogenetic ducts,)  thus facilitating more rapid and effective field frequency accretion and field frequency holding capacities, increasing  personal "stamina‟ and Spiritual Potency in relation to increasingly effective engagement with Source Frequency Primal Life- Force Currents, applications and effects.

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At BioRegenesis Experience we offer an exclusive  weekend immersion into a full disclosure of science and consciousness expansion. Learn how to reclaim your eternal human potential and restore your original DNA blueprint. Join us to celebrate this knowledge with unforgettable information, vendors, workshops, activities, entertainment, networking and a culture fusion of culinary cuisine.

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The “JERE UNFILTERED ” podcast is hosted by Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio, Ph.D. and reveals the most advanced, sophisticated paradigm-shifting, disruptive information in the areas of consciousness, technology, alternative health, water and bioregenesis (eternal-life biohacking). This private sector information will be shared to the public on a monthly basis. Dr. Jere will interview above-top-secret: whistleblowers, longevity experts, scientists, doctors and the world’s top influencers in their industries.

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The RASHA Consciousness-Coherence Group Experiences, hosted by Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D., are designed to provide all viewers with the ability to learn Eternal-Life protection techniques to apply in your day-to-day lives. Followed by the opportunity to experience the RASHA Technology first-hand, remotely, to achieve Consciousness-Coherence and DNA activation is not something you want to miss. 

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On the last Sunday of each month, Jere Unfiltered LIVE is an hour-long, subscription-based conversation with Dr. Jere.

These live sessions are held at 12:12 pm PDT.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask Dr. Jere any questions you would like answered and that might arise while listening to Jere Unfiltered Podcast including the application of this work and The Rasha.


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